Mobile Industry Outlook 2006 - Mobile Industry Outlook 2006 offers a unique analysis of the key issues that will impact
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Extensive analysis of the key trends and issues in the global mobile industry during 2006.

Mobile Industry Outlook 2006 answers the most significant questions facing today's mobile operators, equipment vendors and handset vendors as they seek to plan their strategy in 2006.

This Report Covers

The report is based on candid interviews with our industry thought leaders that give an independent view on market developments, and includes coverage of:

  • Mobile Operator Strategy
  • Mobile Content and Applications
  • Networks and Infrastructure
  • Handsets and Devices

Unique Regional Forecasts

Written by over 20 of our telecoms industry thought leaders, the report examines the key trends for the mobile marketplace for next year including:

  • Mass market 3G
  • Wireless VoIP
  • Mobile Content
  • MVNOs
  • Top 5 growth markets in 2006.
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